Courses offered by Indian Institute Of Management Ahmedabad

Courses offered by Indian Institute Of Management Ahmadabad:

1. Competitive Strategies
2. Management Communications-I
3. Management Communications-II
4. Strategic Management of IT
5. Firms and Markets
6. Open Economy Macroeconomics
7. Costing and Management Control Systems
8. Financial Reporting and Analysis
9. Financial Management-I
10.Financial Management-II
11.Customer Management I
12.Customer Management II
13.Leadership in Organizations
14.Organizational Behaviour
15.Human Resource Management in Public Organizations
16.Data Analysis
17.Operations Management
18.Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making
19.Economic Environment and Policy
20.Economic Development
21.Economics of Regulation
22.Innovation and Technology Policy
23.International Economic Relations
24.Issues in Ethics and Leadership
25.IT Strategies for Governance
26.Law and Public Management
27.Public Finance
28.Public Organization and Management Theory
29.Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
30.Social and Political Development

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