Ahmedabad Weekend Tourist Spots

1. Kankariya Lake
Kankaria Lake is situated at Maninagar area of Ahmedabad and his is biggest lake of Ahmedabad with many amusement things like-Zoo, Baalvaatika, Toy Train, Ballon Safari, Nagina Wadi

Source: Wikipedia

2.Teen darwaja/Lal Darwaja/Jama Masjid
These are simly the gates, the darwaza has carvings, calligraphy and most hot tourist spots

3.Sabarmati Aashram
Most popular Ashram of GandhiJi. Mahatma Gandhi's home in Ahmadabad

4.Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project+The Calico Museum
You can have a view of river front project from subhas bridge

5.Camp Hanuman
Very famous temple of Hanuman in military area near by Gandhi aashram

6.New C G Road/Motera stadium
From here you can have a look of developed and developing Ahmedabad in all the directions.

7.Sadar patel stadium
Very big and fascinating stadium at Ahmedabad

8.S.G. Highway
happening place & mordern ahemedabad- Super Stores,Malls,Multiplexes,Iskon temple(must visit)

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