Short Time Management Course In Bhuan for IIM Ahmedabad Students

First time Bhutan government going to start a general management programme in their country. In this program participants have to five year working experience in managerial field. This programme is mainly for those managers who have ability to manage private sector and public sector with their ability and experience. After these management course candidate can be able to take risks and challenges in their field of management. Bhutan is very much assured that candidate’s can participates in this in large number from different countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Bhutan wants to start a full time MBA course in country.

 Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad received a invitation from the Bhutan government to start a full time MBA course in Bhutan. But IIMA start only one short term general management programme course in Bhutan in current year. IIM Ahmadabad is a well reputed institute of India established in Ahmadabad. IIMA working from four decennium and it’s known for their best results. Dr. vikram sarabhai was the founder of IIMA. It was a independent organization with coactions with Gujarat government. Just because of IIMA’s success Bhutan government want IIMA in their country. IIMA is leading corporate as best recruiters in management basis. Just because of leading management institute, IIMA built a close to industry and policy makers in India and other countries.   To be a student of IIMA, want a bachelor’s degree and have to pass the rigorous process and interviews. IIMA’s success is very beneficial for Bhutan. Now Bhutan is going to get prepare a set infrastructure for management classes. It is a great opportunity for IIMA to operate institute on their conditions without associate with Bhutan government. There is a best way to know what is going on in India and the Indians got a chance to know about Bhutan economy.  

These programmes make sense to understand the strategy of in finance, marketing and human resource management in Bhutan. The whole programme divided in several modules. Each module explains different functions of management. Each module consist many exercises and full of management points. Candidates have to pay 50000/-. In these candidates get accommodation, food, transportation and sightseeing. Between course candidates can use tools like lectures, discussions, cases presentation and audio-visuals. In one day class students have to spend five hours daily. These programme starts in July month. So the candidates in Bhutan who want a professional course of management, no need go outside the country. IIMA is coming on Bhutan.

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