The changed CAT 2011 pattern

For admission in top B-grade business institutes the Common Admission Test (CAT) pattern has been changed. Now it looks like as similar as international testing systems. In the first vision the new Common Admissions Test (CAT) pattern looks like very interesting and it looks very closer to similar to international testing systems. No one can perfectly say that whether it is a permanent or long term step because CAT has been very clearly known to change its pattern between years. Such pattern changes clearly keep coaching institutes on their toes and also provide an opportunity for people with authentic aptitude for management a greater chance. This shift by the CAT is a step in their right direction and to some amount. It may be possible in changing the pattern due to some result facing in the previous version of CAT exam. It clearly indicates to those points which are faced with the previous version of computer based exam pattern of CAT. It may be possible that something happening wrong with computer based exam pattern. The following points in my opinion represent the broader Collision of the CAT 2011 Pattern.

Time Limitations:-

In the previous exam pattern of CAT the test-takers allowed to show their skills with in time. The candidate have to keep time in their mind and also show their skills at time-management and also candidates have to be choosy and take a smart selection of questions to obtain the most out of their strengths and spend a lot of time on their weak sections. A candidate is known as smarty in the exam when he/she takes all the questions within time and makes a time management for him or herself and do all the questions with in their fixed time schedule. But in CAT 2011 exam pattern the candidate can’t do this anymore. This is obviously good for test-takers who can perform equally well in both the sections.

Someone say that the new pattern of CAT entrance exam is a disadvantage to those candidates who is with engineering background. Because of time bound. Those candidates are very concussing while solving the QUANT and DI questions but I don’t agree. The main problem is that the candidate will have to take only 70 minutes for 30 questions. It is compulsory that only a candidate will spend 70 minutes on 30 questions. So, it is quite clear that the candidate has to face tough questions in each section and the candidate has to solve them very wisely. These tough questions even create a big differentiate between sectional 94 percentile and a sectional 99 percentiler. The candidate has to be smarty while selecting the questions. The candidate have to face and overcome the tough questions. The forecast is equal to that of a person who targeting 760+ in the GMAT.

Two Sections:-

Quant and DI are two major sections to score but these are no longer contribute to forming two-thirds of the paper. Since the weightage of verbal increases in the net score. The candidates overall score will be affected. A less number of students have clear idea about changing the pattern of CAT exam. Those candidates who have no any such information about this change of pattern they would score less score in their exams. But it is good that the candidates who have such an updation about this change through anywhere have no any problem in the exam and they could get more and more score in the exam. Just imagine that the candidate who has given cat 2008 exam have such no any information about this new change in the examination become shocked in the examination hall after receiving the question paper.

The matter is that the CAT changed its pattern very fundamentally with their previous version. So, there is no any reason to become fearful and come in terror that how it happens in the exam. The candidates which have such an updated information about this new change in CAT exam pattern have to be excited and happy that they are aware about this change 3 months in advance. They have to spread this updated pattern and new changed exam pattern among the candidates and try to make all candidates updated. It is no any time for worry and come in terror but it is the time for rethink about their strategy and prepare themselves accordingly.

What to expect:-

The previous version/pattern of CAT is no longer. It is only 2 years old. The Computer based previous version is the first ever surprisingly change in the CAT exam pattern. Now, CAT 2011 seems like a step towards the standard testing. The standardization in the new pattern of CAT seems like as international testing system such as GRE and GMAT which have matured over a period of time.

Fairer Results:-

In my opinion the problem of computer based CAT exam pattern is not the varying difficulty between slots, but rather the number of questions in each section. We see in the question paper that having 20 questions in each section is not a large enough basis to manage the sections, especially when it is common for a question or two to contain bugs. A candidate has to manage each section and carry questions easier according to their time management. On the other hand a 35-questions section will relatively be free of these intrinsic pitfalls but a 30-questions section is not a bad start either.

No any creators tried to make a difficult programs to make candidates in trouble in examination. The makers of the CAT have always maintained that they do enough to equate the difficulty level of question papers into number of slots and take the help of normalization process and further unaddressed issues. The pattern of CAT exam is designed in this way that no one candidate become in trouble and can’t score in the examination. In the original format of CAT exam 20 questions per section will be mentioned. The 30 questions per section format is full free from subjective questions in judging the difficulty level of questions in the paper creation stage. It may be possible that there will be further correction because of the fact that one section deoes not impact the other section.

So, it is quite clear that the new pattern of CAT exam, Normalization process (in which the sections are differentiate) will be very helpful to the candidates and it becomes far better this year and test-takers will get relatively just results compared to CAT 2009 and 2010.

Key Takeaways:-

1. It may be possible that the new sectional time limit would raise the overall difficulty level of the paper.
2. The verbal section will play a greater role. The candidate have to take a deep concentration into the English grammar, language and reading skills. It helps a lot in verbal section.
3. If the candidate are targeting IIM’s, the candidate have to be smarty and choosy. They have a smart selection of questions in the fixed schedule of time.
4. Don’t try to do silly mistakes. It may loose your marks and couldn’t score good marks. Accuracy must be there in the answers.

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