Prof. Of IIM-Ahmedabad missing in Uttarakhand

Pratap Oburai, 40-year-old serving professor of IIM Ahmedabad has been missing since 30 June of evening from Devprayag town in Tehri district. The government of Uttarakhand has challenged with huge chase to trace this missing professor of IIM Ahmedabad. The government is doing all possible actions to trace the missing professor of IIM Ahmedabad.
According to the news from police source, Prof. Pratap oburai had disappeared from near flowing together of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers at Devprayag at 4:30 pm. Prof. Pratap Oburai is the head of marketing department at prestigious IIM-Ahmedabad. The Police source also said that a day after disappearing professor reached at holy town with his two nephews from Rishikesh after completing their 7-day long “CHARDHAM YATRA”. The Professor begins the Yatra of Chardham from June 23.
According to the sources of police, Prof. Pratap Oburai and his two nephews had been staying at Jayama Kalyani Sadan resort near the confluence. The police sources said that professor was seen walking along nearby areas of confluence where Bhagirathi an Alaknanda rivers, tributaries of Ganga, meet to form Ganga river.
.Professor pratap was so intensely enthused by the religious atmosphere surrounding the holy town that he found himself lost in a world of spiritualism. According to his nephews, SR Sirdinath and B Kumar that soon after they reached at Devprayag.
Prof. Pratap had frustrated from his life and was trying to commited suicide by jumping into the swirling water of river at confluence, the police sources said so. He was trying to committed suicide at the swirling water of river at confluence but his attempt to commit suicide was thwarted by the local residents. The local residents at the confluence prevented him to doing committed suicide. From the side of his nephews the missing report stuck at Devprayag police station. On Friday (JULY 1), they have suspected that Professor Pratap could have committed suicide by jumping into confluence of river.
Deepam Seth (DIG, Garhwal Range) said that in the case of committing suicide at the confluence a special team of policeman has been constituted to start on a huge search operation to trace prof. Pratap from the different different places where he stayed along with his two nephews during the chardham yatra in Garhwal which began at June 23.
The DIG also said that a team of well trained swimmers have also been pushed into service to locate his body in the event of commited suicide by him. However at the current time the police man have been failed to get any very important clue to his location so far.

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