IIM-A team won the Global Marketing Competition in Madrid

IIM-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) has won the 16th edition of the Global Marketing Competition, which is an international contest organized by the ESIC Business and Marketing School at Madrid. Only the three members team of the top Business B-school, IIM-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) from the top B-schools. The Three member’s team consisting of Parampreet Singh Bhasin, Varsha Verma and Parimal Lokhande. These are the three members from the IIM-AHMEDABAD team who won themselves a Master Specialized from ESIC and prize money of 12,000 Euros.

In this competition more than 4100 university students from 76 countries were participated. A statement from the institute stated on Wednesday and in this statement, the sources said that the students which were participated in this competition compulsory participants to test their knowledge and skills in a business replicated environment over a 3-month period. According to sources 1,300 teams are initially participated into this contest and out of those 1,300 teams 36 teams were quite qualified for the semifinals. Among these 36 teams, those who qualified for the semifinals only 6 teams stimulated over to the finals.

The Competition is highly regarded a known for intensification links between students, academia and the industry. One of the team members of IIM-Ahmedabad, Parampreet said that the best part of this competition was that we were rutted against real talented people from all over the world at all points. The business environment was not computer generated. It was made up of students like us making decisions that would change our strategy.

Another team member of IIM-Ahmedabad, Parimal said that it was remarkable to reach at the finals and actually interact with students from other business schools. The experience of meeting faculty, industry persons and students at such a prestigious international platform is something we will always treasure.

Those teams come to the final has been started to push themselves at top in the finals. The finals were held in Madrid from July 16th to 21st. The teams had to protect their business plans in front of the best professional judges. And the team of the IIM-AHMEDABAD overcame from the other 5 teams. The other 5 teams are the team of Catholic University of Peru, The team of Mudra Institute of Communication of India, the team of Moscow Bauman Satte University of Russia, the team of Pacific University of Peru and the team of Sakarya University of Istanbul in Turkey. The team of IIM-AHMEDABAD won this contest and defeat all other teams fro the different-different countries. It is no doubt that the other 5 finalist have the one of the best universities team of the different different countries but it is the hard labour and the deep knowledge in business plans of the IIM- Ahmedabd students team which helps them to won this contest. The three members have a good and perfect knowledge about the business plans. So, it also proves that really IIM-Ahmedabad is one of the best Business Schools among all. Each team members gave their best individual results in the final and that is the main reason that IIM-Ahmedabad won the 12,000 Euros final contest.

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