Students IIM-Ahmedabad joining P&G

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) on Saturday finished the second cluster for final placements for the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) batch of 2009-2011.
The second cluster in the cohort-based placements was dominated by EXL service that gave highest number of job offers to students.

P&G - the FMCG giant got nod form ten students to join the company while Indian conglomerate- RIL- gave eight offers to the students. The next cluster is scheduled for February 26, 2011.
The second cluster saw cohorts such as Indian investment banks, corporate leadership programmes and international FMCG firms.

Official communiqué from the IIM-A said that group discussions for the recruitment process were held on Friday and the short listed students were interviewed on Saturday.

Global Head of HR for EXL Service, Sanjay Gupta said, "Having come with multiple roles to offer, EXL interviewed candidates with diverse profiles and was impressed with the quality of students that IIM-A had to offer. A smooth recruitment process further facilitated EXL to finalize more than 10 candidates."

IIM-A also claimed that international marketing firms gave more offers to students than last year's final placement.
P&G India Talent Practice, said, "The process was extremely well-managed, and gave sufficient opportunity to both the firm and the student to make an informed choice."

Last year, in the final placement for the PGP batch 2008-2010, cluster of Indian investment bank, corporate leadership program and FMCG operations had made 60 offers, of which, 52 were accepted by students.

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