New Management Development Programmes launched in IIM Ahmedabad

The academic session which is starting for 2014 - 2015 is having 11 new offers for MDP (Management Development Programmes) students.

From this session onward total of 77 open enrolment Management Development Programmes (MDPs) are being offered for 2014-15. Eleven new MDPs have been announced for the year 2014-15," the institute said in a statement here.
One of the new programmes on offer is 'Business Dispute Resolution: International and Domestic Arbitration', likely to be coordinated by Anurag K Agarwal.
'Doing Busines Abroad' and 'Family Business: Organisation, Strategies, Internationalisation and Succession' will be coordinated by Ajeet Mathur.
'Employee Engagement : A 3D Approach', 'Strategic Transformational Training Methodology' and 'Industrial Relations: Changes, Challenges and Responses' would be coordinated by Jerome Joseph.
'Business Turnaround and Organisational Transformation' and 'Managing People for Excellence in Healthcare' will be coordinated by Sunil Maheswari.
'Designing Systems for Developing Internal Talent' and 'Leadership Pipeline' would be coordinated by Biju Varkkey.
'Psychological Assessment and Psycho- Metrics' will be coordinated by Promila Agarwal and 'Enhancing Service Quality in Healthcare' by Rajeshkumar Chandwani.

IIM Fees for PGP & FPM 2013-15

Fellow Programme in Management programs in Indian Institute of Management offers the degree of doctorate.

IIMA’s doctoral programme small entering class provides close coordination and communication with the faculty members and the students can determine their own directions under the guidance of their thesis advisory committees.

No tuition fee is charged for Indian students.  Selected candidates will  get a monthly stipend of Rs.25,000/- per month for the first and second year, Rs. 27,000 per month after clearing the comprehensive exam and Rs. 30,000 per month after submission of the TAC approved thesis proposal.   Over and above this, a Contingency Allowance of  Rs. 25,000 per year (for five years) to cover research expenses, expenses on books, photocopying etc.  and reimbursement of internationational conference upto Rs. 1,75,000 are also available to all students.

However, the fee for overseas candidate is $ 20,500 for first year and $ 21,500 for the remaining years.

Post Graduate Program

The Fees and other charges payable by the PGP students of the 2013-2015 batch for their first academic year is approximately Rs.7,90,000/-. Laptop computer, personal expenses on boarding, travel, clothes and laundry are extra. The fees and other charges for the 2014-2016 batch will be based on the fees and other charges for the 2013-2015 batch, adjusted for inflation.

Operation Club – A Significant Endeavour by Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Students

A dedicated club has been formed b he students of Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in order to discuss and share the ideas with operations and industry experts along with gaining practical exposure. The major aim behind establishing this club is to acquire a hands-on exposure in the field of operation management.
Operation Club is a discussion forum or portal that is designed and implemented for promoting student engagement in the operational areas of business and industry. Its establishment is thought to facilitate industry interfacing, collaboration and knowledge building with other management institutes, research and cross-disciplinary applications.
The contribution of three students -  Navaneeth KP, Prasanna R and Apurva Sule lead towards the evolution of the club. Prasanna, a doctoral student of Production and Quantitative Methods faculty with Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) students – Navaneeth and Sule has brought about a master program to bring an ideal platform for operational activities in this industry. The concept of the club has already got popularized with more than 130 PGP students joining the club already. The club has been formed on October 25, 2013.
These three prime volunteers feel that the concept of operation management in India is highly motivated with the inception of many amazing businesses in the industry like Amazon, Infibeam, Flipkart and many more. In fact, the interest of the multinationals like Wal-Mart in the Indian market and following announcement of FDI, the Indian industrial sector has grown with a boost. However, many people or businesses are still unaware of many different opportunities that they can gain being in this field.
People can easily notice the perceptible difference between the thinking of the student to work in the field of operation management and the things he or she actually come through. However, the same thing has been noticed and the club is formed by these students for filling this knowledge gap and assure continuous knowledge sharing. The club is also getting recognition in other B schools as well.
Pan-IIM initiatives and publications for the sharing of knowledge among all the top management schools, regular blog of the professors about operations management are included under this program. Logistics and inventory management are some new avenues included here other than the traditional areas of operation.

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